Personalised Button Head Rainbow Family Line Up Card


A quirky design featuring a couple or a family in front of a beautiful rainbow (the rainbow can signify new beginnings or endings).

A card that could be given for a variety of occasions. Whether its a new home card, birthday card, new baby etc. You can choose what text to add on the front or use the example.

  • Printed on embossed 6” x 6” card which adds quality, texture and strength.
  • Wooden Buttons are fixed to the design as Button Heads – (Buttons can vary slightly in shading and texture due to being a natural product, this adds lots of character to the artwork)

 Personalisation Required:

  • Name 1
  • Name 2 (if required)
  • Name 3 (if required)
  • Name 4 (if required)
  • Name 5 (if required)

Featuring stick characters to represent each family member and pets. These figures include man, woman, pregnant woman, boy, girl, baby, dog, cat, tortoise, lizard, hamster, fish etc. (Please detail all personalisation you require for the order)

* Card incorporating the design has been used for illustrative purposes ** Part of the Button Head Family Range

Button Head Family is a registered trademark of Lu Lu's Personal Gifts. 2016.