About Lu Lu's

Inspired by the love of giving gifts and a love for inspirational quotes

A Lu Lu’s gift is one that will touch the heart of the recipient(s), and be a treasured keepsake forever.

A personalised card or gift shows the receiver how much they are thought of which quite often results in lots of beautiful emotion! I love that!! And only wish I could witness the gift giving every time! When giving a gift, the best feeling in the world is to see someone smile and be surprised by their gift! But when tears of happiness also show, you’re onto a winner!

Lu Lu’s create their own quirky designs, and have an established brand ‘The Button Head Family’. A simplistic design of stick characters with natural wooden buttons added for heads. The designs range to suit all different occasions and as you will see, my love for quotes sneak into these designs. The range is extremely popular and fast growing with designs being available on cards, prints, mugs, bags, cushions, stationary and more!

I love to graphic design and love to work on photographs to create special gift pieces. Providing thoughtful keepsakes to celebrate life’s special occasions. Not only recognising major milestones, but finding the little moments equally as important. You’ll recognise many of Lu Lu’s ideas relate to common truths of everyday life.

In a world where we live online, where everyone is always busy and often forgetful, be that thoughtful family member or friend who bought a unique, boutique piece of sentimental and personalised artwork. The effort will be truly appreciated.


P.S. If you can't find a gift to suit exactly what you're after, I can do a custom design for you. However prices can vary, just email sales@luluspersonalgifts.co.uk or contact me via the contact page to have a chat.