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A gift boutique based in North East England that boasts an excellent range of keepsake cards and gifts that can touch heart. We specialise in creating personalised products from our store in Stockton-on-Tees.

Lu Lu's have carefully selected products from all over the world which include

Eco Friendly Gifts ♥ Fair Trade Gifts

Lu Lu is also the creator of ‘The Button Head Family’

A simplistic design of stick characters finished with wooden button heads.  An extremely popular and fast growing brand with designs available on cards, prints, mugs, bags, cushions, stationery and more!

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The Best First Birthday Gifts

The Best First Birthday Gifts

At Lu Lu's, our gifts are cleverly chosen to be treasured gifts that are hopefully kept for many years to come!

Wouldn't it be special if your birthday gift stood the test of time and was the one held onto by the parents!? I certainly think so!

Yes, it's probably easy to pick up a little outfit, a supermarket card or purchase the 'in' toy of the moment however as a Mum myself, those items for many reasons don't stand the test of time and can be a forgotten gift. View Lu Lu's top keepsake gifts for a FIRST BIRTHDAY here...

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Football Awards - A Personal alternative to a Trophy

Football Awards - A Personal alternative to a Trophy

As a football mother, the end of season recognition for the children and parents is immeasurable; an evening dedicated to celebrate the hard work of those players and their coaches is the perfect finishing touch to the season. Both my sons have been lucky to earn and receive trophies but unfortunately I have also witnessed first hand that those trophies become dust gatherers, end up broken or simply residing in a cupboard.
A mass produced product with a small piece of personalisation. 
As a graphic designer and living with a family of footballers,  I created and test marketed a product that every footballer would love to receive
'The personal alternative to a trophy' 
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Top Five Valentine Gifts

Top Five Valentine Gifts

Valentine... Yeh or Neh?

Some do, Some don't? and that's ok!

We're all different people, living different lives with different priorities but the one thing we have in common is living in this very fast paced world.

Time passes by so quickly which is why I feel you can use Valentine's day as an opportunity to show your partner what they mean to you. Whether it's a novelty keepsake, sentimental keepsake or something that connects to your relationship, a gift on this day is sure to touch heart.

Here are my TOP 5 Valentine's gifts:

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