Our animal families are sourced from an ethical supplier who are particularly held in high regard for the work they do supporting their local communities and charities.

Made from resin, this selection of ornaments feature animals which are recognised for their family bonds. 

Bears were chosen as popular family-related terms of endearment like ‘Cubs’ and ‘Mama Bear’ are associated with this animal.

Penguins are held in high regard for their loyalty and the lengths they will go to for their partner and chicks. The male Emperor Penguin will guard their egg for 2 months without food, at the mercy of the Antarctic elements. Meanwhile the female penguin will travel across the ice for about 50 miles before they reach the sea and can hunt for fish to bring back to feed the newly hatched chick.

Rabbits (particularly baby bunnies!) have always been a popular animal favoured for their cuteness and so including them in our new selection of family ornaments made perfect sense.

Each animal type of ornaments come in three options; a couple, a parent and child, and a family of three. The ornaments make great gifts for occasions like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Weddings and Anniversaries.

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Hedgehog Ornament Pair
Elephant Family Set of Three
Elephant Couple Ornament
Some Bunny Loves You Parent & Child Ornament
Penguin Partners for Life Ornament
Penguin Family Ornament
Fox Family Ornament
Hedgehog Family Ornament
Bear Hug Couple Ornament
Bear Family Ornament
Bunny Family Ornament Fluffle
Fox Couple Ornament
Hedgehog Pair Ornament
Dog Family Ornament
Dog Family Ornament
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Bunny Ornament - You make my Heart Thump
Penguin Mother Ornament
Elephant Embrace Love Ornament
Hedgehog Mother and Baby Ornament
Panda Couple Ornament
Panda Family Ornament
Elephant Adventure Ornament
Elephant Family Ornament
Owl Family
Owl Family
Mother and Baby Fox Ornament
Hedgehog Family
Hedgehog Family
Bear Ornament - I love you Beary Much
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