Sage Purifying Smudge Sticks - Various

  • White Sage has been traditionally used in native nations in North America for generations. It can be used as incense or for smudging which is a practice of clearing negative spiritual energy and restoring or maintaining energy purity. H11cm X W3cm X D3cm
  •  This Large blue sage smudge stick is widely used for cleansing and purification rituals. It is said to provide spiritual strength and to also help enhance psychic abilities hence it is often burned before divination ceremonies. Blue sage comes from the salvia azurea plant which is also known as azure sage and prairie sage. It's a herbaceous perennial plant native to Central and Eastern North America.  H23cm X W5cm X D5cm
  • Yerba Santa translates from Spanish into 'sacred herb' or 'holy herb'. The herb is often used for medicinal purposes related to the respiratory system. H10cm X W4cm X D4cm