Stockton Town FC Personalised Shirt - Cushion

What better way to show passion and love for Stockton Town FC than to accessorise the bedroom or home with a quality personalised cushion!
An excellent keepsake gift or to revamp a bedroom with the STFC theme! If you're accessorising a playroom or bedroom... Why not add a matching personalised framed print to complete the look?
Personalisation to include
  • Strip colours (and if you'd like to be precise e.g. Blue with yellow sleeves, long sleeve / short sleeve / cuff colour etc. - not essential though)
  • Surname
  • Number
  • First name for the signature
  • (optional) Year established with Stockton Town FC or the Season Year or the Age Group?
Number could be a favourite number? year of age? or their own football number?
This LU LU’s GIFT package includes:
  • Art work designed exclusive by Lu Lu
  • Design time on your unique special gift with your requested personalisation
  • Polyester cushion cover – Cushion cover has zip to the bottom and is sized 16” x 16” (40cm x 40cm) 100% polyester with safe metal zip (child safe). 
  • Cushion Filler is added to the product for plumpness
  • Your complete gift is then gift wrapped (at no extra cost!) clear cellophane wrap is used to protect the gift & finished with gift tag.

    * The product image incorporating the design has been used for illustrative purposes **Part of the Stockton Town FC Collection

    Copyright 2016.

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