Simplicity - Mum Holds Everything Together Card


From the Simplicity range, this design features a sketch effect drawing of a Big Bold Button with quote that reads 'Mum's are like buttons... They hold everything together'. A meaningful quote that connects perfectly to the design and will connect emotionally to your mum. Whether you call her mum or mam - this text can be adapted!

Special personalisation details can make this card, special and unique to the recipient.

  • Printed on embossed 6” x 6” card which adds quality, texture and strength.

 Personalisation Required:

  • Title of mother (mum, mam) etc.
  • Mother Name - Printed inside!
(Please detail all personalisation you require for the order)

Not only a card but also a keepsake picture that can be framed & displayed in the recipient’s home or workplace. Frames & Mounts are available to purchase separately in shop. 8" x 8" Frames with mount - Colour Options:

  • Oak
  • Black
  • White

    * Card incorporating the design has been used for illustrative purposes ** Part of the Simplicity Range.

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