Gemstone Power Crystal Bracelet - Various Designs


Each power bracelet boasts its own individual benefits that make these the perfect gift! Whether its a little something for someone going through a difficult time, something to help someone through learning something new etc. There is  bracelet for everyone! (we all need a little boost!)

  • Moss Agate - is said to be a stone of wealth and increasing prosperity. It is also said to help people recover after an illness and also helping to increase mental concentration and endurance. (Get Well Soon/ Studying/ Learning/ Training)
  • White Jasper - is said to help balance emotions and enhances the ability to be able to relax and be calm.
  • Black Agate (2 designs) - is said to be the stone of protection, success and courage, and protects people from things such as stress and bad dreams.
  • Rose Quartz - is said to bring energy rays of determination, commitment, and caring. It's also said to help soothe and calm feelings of anger or resentment. 
  • Tiger Eye - is said to be a powerful stone that helps harmony and balance, and helps relax fear and anxiety. 
  • Green Jasper - is said to help absorb negative energy and restore the harmony both mentally and physically.
  • Sodalite - is said to help studying and being good for communication in yourself and writing. 

Gemstones sizes diameter is approx. 8mm

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