One of the most personal cards is using a memorable photo. The most personal, precious card you can get and suitable for any occasion!

Release those fantastic photos from Facebook, your Mobile, the PC etc. OR take a photos of a physical photo. 

    So many reasons why this card would be perfect! and will touch a heart.
    Personalisation Required:
    1. Your chosen text or quote for front of card (optional) - or ask Lu Lu to come up with something.
    2. Please send Photograph - Follow these directions on how to send images: Via Facebook message - HERE or email to - with the order name and number.
    3. Please expand on any preferences you have for the edit of the photograph -an example could be if someone needs to be cut out of a photo (as not needed).
    • Printed on embossed 6” x 6” card which adds quality, texture and strength. The card will be designed to suit your image (colouring, font etc.)

    A design proof will be sent prior to printing. Please ensure order includes contact information.

      (Please detail all personalisation you require for the order)

          * Card incorporating the design has been used for illustrative purposes

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