Personalised Blended Photo Collage Card - Unique Keepsake


A beautiful unique keepsake card that is able to tell a story by using pictures / photographs. The most personal, precious card you can get and suitable for any occasion!

Release those fantastic photos from Facebook, your Mobile, the PC etc. OR take photos for me of your printed photos, old photos, albums etc.

So, whether its a:
  • Love story of a Happy Couple (Valentine, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary etc.)
  • A story of a loving family,
  • Children together,
  • Capturing grandchildren in one picture,
  • Friends together.
So many reasons why this card would be perfect! and will touch a heart.
Personalisation Required:
  1. Your chosen text or quote (optional) - or ask Lu Lu to come up with something.
  2. Please send up to 5 Photographs - Follow these directions on how to send images: Via Facebook message - HERE or email to - with the order name and number.
  3. Please expand on any preferences you have for the edit of the photographs -an example could be if someone needs to be cut out of a photo (as not needed).
  • Printed on embossed 6” x 6” card which adds quality, texture and strength.
    (Please detail all personalisation you require for the order)

        * Card incorporating the design has been used for illustrative purposes

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