Opalite - Crystal Gemstone Power Bracelet


There is more than meets the eye with Gemstone jewellery as each gemstone boasts its own individual benefits when worn repeatedly or kept close!

Opalite is said to help overcome fatigue and also stabilise mood swings. 

This stone is believed to promote security and calmness. It is often associated with improved relationships (personal & business), bringing balance, trust and comfort. A supporting stone that helps you to fall in love with life, boosting optimism and strengthen the emotional body allowing you to be more open and honest with yourself.

This is a striking piece of jewellery and has stretch to it making it suitable for all wrists! It looks amazing when worn individually or it could even be teamed up with more of our powerful bracelets!

Gemstones sizes diameter is approx. 8mm   

Presented in Kraft Envelope Pouch with information card