Moss Agate - Crystal Gemstone Power Bracelet


There is more than meets the eye with Gemstone jewellery as each gemstone boasts its own individual benefits when worn repeatedly or kept close!

Moss Agate  is said to be a stone of wealth and increasing prosperity. It is also said to help people recover after an illness and also helping to increase mental concentration and endurance. (Get Well Soon/ Studying/ Learning/ Training)

This stone enables you to see the beauty around you. A new beginnings stone that helps to  balance emotions, reduce fears and help with intuition and channeling of energy.  Moss Agate helps to speed up recovery and boost the immune system aiding circulation and assisting with colds and flu.

This is a striking piece of jewellery and has stretch to it making it suitable for all wrists! It looks amazing when worn individually or it could even be teamed up with more of our powerful bracelets!

Presented in Kraft Envelope Pouch with information card