Crystal Knot Necklace and Earring Gift Set - 925 Sterling Silver


A stunning 925 silver jewellery set that features a crystal entwined knot symbol that can signify a beautiful meaning.

For the friend/ family member The knot signifies true friendship that can never be untied... A perfect touching gift.

For the Bridesmaids - The knot signifies 'tying the knot' and is a thank you to your bridesmaids for helping you on your marital journey. 'Thank you for helping me tie the knot'

For your partner - A love knot representing unbroken loops that are inseparable from each other.

Or simply because this makes a fantastic, attractive personal gift to someone!

This Product is presented in a keepsake box and can include a message inside the box to represent the meaning. Please complete your personalisation details in the box provided if you would like this including.

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