Here at Lu Lu's we believe the perfect gift is one that can connect to the recipient personally. So, it's important to take a moment to think about who this person is... What are their hobbies, interests, occupation, passion, motivation... Are they a family person, animal person etc.

Now we can help you find a gift... 

From the home page shop menu, you will find product ranges that aim to guide you or you have the option to simply search a word that may direct you to specific products such as friend, mam, cyclist etc.

The following collection is created with specific birthday years/ milestones in mind however more products may be accessed through the above channels.

Happy Shopping!

40 results
Button Head Family – Grandmother Family Line up Personalised Framed Print
Bumble Bee Brooch
Personalised Family Tree
Button Head Family – Grandparent Family Line up
Button Head Family - Personalised Prosecco Friends Card
Button Head Family - Personalised Mother Daughter Pendant Card
If I didn't have you as a friend - Angel Figurine
Aunts hug and spoil - Angel Figurine
Mini Assorted Leather Bound Notebook
'A Day to Remember' Wooden Heart Chalk Calendar Pot Block
925 Silver 'Love you to the Moon & Back' Padlock Pendant Necklace
Lighted Enchanted Rose in Glass Dome
Button Head Family - Positive Inspirational Birthday - Personalised Card
A Sister is worth a thousand friends - Figurine
A Daughter will never outgrow your lap - Angel Figurine
A Sister's love lasts forever - Angel Figurine
Small Lighted Enchanted Rose in Glass Dome - Personalised
13th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
80th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
30th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
21st Birthday Keepsake Keyring
Vintage Leather style Notebook
Vintage Birthday Year - Cotton Tote bag  (Any Years)
Button Head Family - Personalised Male or Female 18th Birthday Card
Things we love about you Personalised Framed Print
Personalised Blended Photo Collage Framed Print - Unique Gift
Button Head Family – Grandfather Family Line up Personalised Framed Print
90th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
70th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
60th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
50th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
40th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
18th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
16th Birthday Keepsake Keyring
Daughter you make my heart smile - Angel Figurine
I love you with all my heart - Angel Figurine

40 results

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