About Me

About Me

I’m a mum, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, godmother and friend (and probably a few other chosen words from my husband) but I’m all about my family and friends, yes, I have a whinge and a moan at daily life as that’s what us mums do and that’s why we have friends and prosecco!


A Lu Lu’s greeting card that relates perfectly to life!

We are human at the end of the day, we need to have a whinge, to let off some steam, but family are my world and I wouldn’t change a thing. Time may tick away whilst I tidy the living room for the 10th time that day but I get to watch my children grow into spectacular individuals each with different passions, motivations, values and personalities. I can’t quite believe I made these little humans, they never fail to surprise in a variety of ways, whether its finding the youngest with her hands dunked in the Nutella jar or my son with his pants still under his swimming shorts or my eldest coming home muddy from falling in the beck!

They each have unique talents and keep me on my toes. And my job as a parent is to guide them to be the best they can be…

My children have watched Lu Lu’s begin and grow into something special. Watching a dream turn into reality, is such a powerful message and a positive experience that my children could witness. Yes, hard work is involved and lots of it, but what better way to show my children that hard work pays off!



Prior to Lu Lu’s, 2015 was the most challenging year for me personally, unknown to me, I had post-natal depression and had been suffering and deteriorating with the condition for about 12 months before being diagnosed.

I was in a dark cloud of stress, paranoia, tiredness, sadness and the feeling of being unable to cope. Family and Friends couldn’t pin point the changes in me, but knew something wasn’t right. Behind closed doors I was an emotional wreck, and that emotional wreck began unfolding outside my home, and it was soon clear…

This person was not me, and as I got the help I needed, I threw myself into designing and creating which was my therapy.

I can forget everything else around me and create, my haven!

After designing and creating I showcased my work to friends on Instagram which instantly spiralled into orders for friends and family… & the rest is what they call ‘history’…

2016… Lu Lu’s was BORN



Motivated by the love of creating, the love of giving and the love of making people smile! I now work from my workshop in Stockton on Tees

Customer Service and quality products are priority!