A wish come true

A wish come true

When you lose a loved one, I believe they never really leave you.

As they hold a piece of your heart that you carry around with you every single day. You find that daily triggers can reignite feelings and memories such as a song played on the radio or a smell of a perfume or aftershave, which every time hits you like a ton of bricks. The memories flood to the forefront of your mind and eyes fill with tears whilst you relive the memories that’s been reignited.

As time continues to pass, life goes on and new memories are made but naturally there will be moments in life that you wish that special person could have been there, such as a new baby or a wedding, which brings me onto a request I received last year from a thoughtful Lu Lu’s customer via Facebook…



WOW, what an absolute honour it was to be asked, something I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into, the power to make someone’s wish come true… an absolute dream to me.

So from this post, I created this…


Which led to this



This was then framed with lots of love including some added extra touches then collected by the wonderful person who organised the gift, and her reaction was beautiful as she struggled to hold back tears of emotion, that’s when I knew, it’s perfect! so after some composure she then delivered the complete gift to its new home & let’s just say this powerful, cherished piece is one treasured by all the family.

View A personalised gift is a powerful gift

It would be a dream to help fulfil more precious keepsakes like this, contact me for more information to Lu Lu at sales@luluspersonalgifts.co.uk