The Best First Birthday Gifts

The Best First Birthday Gifts

At Lu Lu's, our gifts are cleverly chosen to be treasured gifts that are hopefully kept for many years to come!

Wouldn't it be special if your birthday gift stood the test of time and was the one held onto by the parents!? I certainly think so!

Yes, it's probably easy to pick up a little outfit, a supermarket card or purchase the 'in' toy of the moment however as a Mum myself, those items for many reasons don't stand the test of time and can be a forgotten gift.

Soooo... let me introduce you to my very own top list of - 1st birthday gifts.

1) Personalised Train Name


This is definitely a favourite choice and best seller gift for a child's birthday.  Each wooden train letter has 4 wheels and gold metals loops that allow for each letter to link together and spell out a name. The front and back carriage finish the train perfectly which not only make this a gorgeous décor piece for a child's bedroom but also a gift that can be played with for many years - even teach a child the spelling of their name! We have a choice of coloured or plain wood letters.
This is the perfect gift that can be kept for many years and even worthy of being added to a memory box! A TRUE WINNER! A gift box can also be purchased that finished this gift beautifully.

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2) Letter Blocks

Letter Blocks

Any gift that incorporates a name is a winner! These letter blocks are each hand-made, coloured in either baby blue or baby pink with a distressed finish and elegant white font lettering to one side. With these you can create a name or a word from the letter choice available and even add a shape to the beginning or end such as star or heart (example picture)

This is a gift that would make the perfect décor piece addition to a child's bedroom - on a window sill or shelf, could even be displayed at a birthday or christening around a cake or be incorporated into a photo shoot!  Most importantly they can be played with - teaching the child how to spell their name, learn the letters and build with them! When it is a personal gift, it's one that can be kept and treasured. So, once you've chosen your finished name, at Lu Lu's we will gift wrap the name together in cellophane and finish with contrasting ribbon! Making this a beautiful surprise for a 1st birthday gift! £2 per block.

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3) My First Money Bank

This is quite the traditional gift for a child and one that does not age. Even from a young age it is valuable to set examples and teach the value for money. Whether it's saving their birthday money, pocket money, earned money, collectable 50p pieces - the excitement to be able to see and feel the money grow is an asset to a child's development. Making this a firm favourite gift for a new baby, 1st birthday or Christening. Our Money Box range has been carefully selected to complement home décor and make lovely accents for a bedroom. Available in blue or Pink Options

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4) Personalised Name Print

Designed exclusively by Lu Lu, the animal name print features an animal for every letter of the alphabet, so each name will be it 's own clever design. Animals are interesting and educational therefore this print is one that will grow with the little one, this is an excellent décor piece for the bedroom and can feature additional information such as date of birth, a slogan, name meaning or a nickname. Even when the child grows, the print can be kept by the parents in a memory box for future reminiscing. A definite keeper!  This gift comes framed and finished in cellophane wrap making it a complete gift ready to give...

View the Animal Name Framed Print here

5) Personal Height Chart

height chart

A child seems to grow in the blink of an eye! In their first year, typically they hit milestones of rolling over, sitting up, crawling and walking. By their first birthday, they've done quite a lot of growing and from here onwards, they keep sprouting up.

Our cool height charts add a contemporary edge to a bedroom featuring a black and white ruler design with wooden edging making this a perfect fit into any home décor scheme and suitable for both girls and boys - a unisex design. The marking of a child's height has been popular with many generations and many recorded and engrained height measurements into a wall or wooden architrave - but those days are gone! It's time to move with the times...

This product smoothly rolls up into a box and move with you - if you move! it is something that can be kept for future generations and even added to it with the next! The material can be written on marking the age and height as little one grows. Presented in a box to be given as gift.

View the Height Chart information here

First Birthday Keepsake Card

Personalised 1st birthday card

A first birthday card designed exclusively by Lu Lu and part of The Button Head Family range. This design is available in both male and females and features the birthday child hitting the many milestones of their first year. The top of the card highlights the name and under the button head child can detail your relationship such as daughter, niece, granddaughter, goddaughter etc. Or can simply be replaced with beautiful girl/boy or the line removed. Our personalised cards are designed in-house therefore giving us flexibility with what can be added or removed. Don't be shy if you have a request. 

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In addition to my highlighted products, our shop has so many more ideas. The search bar can be used to filter products relevant. I am forever adding to my collections and personalised designs. If you have an idea that you need bringing to life please message me direct -